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Statistics & Results


High volume of cases, specifically in coronary intervention, has been shown to give the best success rate. Annually, the Clinic performs more than 2000 procedures, including the following:

  • 1200 diagnostic studies
  • 400 Angioplasty procedures (with stents)
  • 150 Pacemakers
Clinical Review


The use of stents with Angioplasty has increased with improvement in stent design and the new antiplatelet treatments. Currently stents are deployed in more than 95% of Angioplasty cases.


Angioplasty success (defined as being able to dilate the problem artery and achieve a satisfactory result without any major complications) was achieved in 97% of cases.


Overall results and any complications are reviewed quarterly, revealing excellent clinical results to date. At these sessions we pride ourselves on critical discussion so techniques can be continually improved.




We are dedicated to improving our clinical results and we can only do this with the assistance of our patients. Each patient receives a leaflet outlining our approach. With our patients’ help we hope to further refine every aspect of our clinical methods to improve immediate and long-term success. Read more ...






Innovators in Research and Clinical Trials


researchPatients benefit from our position as a respected cardiology innovator and our location and close association with EHC and other major tertiary hospitals. We have relationships with the Cardiac Surgical team at both Prince of Wales and St George Hospitals who are on hand in the rare event they are needed and for consultation with those patients who are unsuitable for Angioplasty.