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Information Technology

Your visit to the Sutherland Heart Clinic generates a lot
of information which needs to be safely stored.

Angiograms at the clinic are now stored as computer files.
This improves accessibility to viewing images and also security of images.

Data management is however a challenge we have risen to, with each study generating approximately 1 gigabyte and over 2000 studies/year. Our storage and backup systems are exceptionally secure. Additionally, a report document is generated for each study to allow doctors to have a paper report of your procedure and its outcome.



Commercial databases exist that do this, but at Eastern Heart and Sutherland Heart Clinic we were not happy to install an “off the shelf” systems and as such have designed our own which we feel is second to none. One of the many advantages of our system is that it allows easy “clinical database searching” which enhances our ability to perform research and continue to check that our results exceed any published standards.

At Sutherland Heart Clinic we also work to make sure that the results of your procedure and admission are made available to your referring doctor as soon as possible.