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We understand that you are concerned and it is natural to want to stay with your spouse, relative or friend as much as possible during their treament, however we must ask that you respect our policy on visiting for the following reasons.

  1. Space is limited in Recovery. Too many visitors in Recovery restrict the staff movements and this can hinder their access to patients, especially in emergency situations.
  2. We want to protect our patient's right to privacy as much as possible and it is difficult for nursing and medical staff to impart confidential information to the patient without others overhearing.
  3. Patients can experience complications such as serious bleeding and severe bruising if they try to move or sit up to talk to you too soon. This can delay their recovery and subsequent discharge by many hours.








Please assist us in caring for your loved ones by remaining in the reception area. You can talk briefly with the patient after their procedure on the phone provided in reception, the reception staff will advise you of the time to do this. Once the patient is up and walking around you may visit them in the lounge room area. The staff will advise you when this will take place.


Children are not permitted in the recovery or lounge area. At the time of discharge the nursing staff will call you so that you can hear the discharge instructions and ask any questions related to post operative care.


To help pass the hours please avail yourself of tea or coffee in the reception area. There are magazines and TV sets in the reception and lounge room.