Mission and charter

Our Mission

To provide best practice in cardiovascular medicine, interventional cardiac studies, patient care, clinical teaching and research.



Patient Care

  • To care for the total patient, to communicate effectively with them and their relatives while providing them with best quality and safety in clinical care.
  • To involve consumers in the planning and the delivery of services at Sutherland Heart Clinic and Eastern Heart Clinic.
  • To implement strategies to improve the cultural awareness and cultural competency to meet the needs of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients.


  • To recruit and retain outstanding staff and provide them with an environment in which they thrive and feel rewarded in all sense of the word.

Medical Staff

  • To ensure that only appropriately skilled doctors are accredited to deliver care within our facility.
  • To mentor and train promising cardiology trainees.


  • To manage the resources effectively, so that our clinic may prosper and continue to be able to provide cutting edge technology for our patients.


  • To provide the most modern equipment which ensures our patients’ safety and efficient and effective diagnosis and treatment.


  • To encourage research within our facility which continually challenges our methods ensuring that we are always using the most appropriate and most cost-effective methods of treatment for our patients, including clinical research and outcome studies.

Succession Planning

  • To think and act strategically about the skill and age mix of our doctors, directors, staff and shareholders so as to best ensure a stronger future and continuity of quality patient care.

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