Consumer focus

Consumer focus

Sutherland Heart Clinic is committed to delivering patient-centric care. 

We have processes in place to both better understand our patients’ needs and expectations, and we report back to our patients and the community on our internal practices, processes and performance.

Our Consumer Focus Group​

We invite patients or interested members of the public to join our Consumer Focus Group. It is an opportunity to have input on patients’ needs and expectations, to share any experiences you may have had at our clinic, and to work in partnership with us to ensure our services meet and, where possible exceed, our patients’ expectations.

To learn more or to register your interest in joining this group, please contact our Quality Program Coordinator on tel: (02) 9540 8555 or email:

Activity and performance reporting

We’re also committed to reporting on our clinic’s activities and performance to ensure we are transparent and accountable to our patients and the community that we serve.

Sutherland Heart Clinic conducts detailed monthly audits on critical aspects of our care and operations. Some of these audits encompass:

  • Workplace Inspections: Ensuring a safe and conducive environment for both patients and staff.
  • Consumer Walkthrough Environmental Surveys: Identifying opportunities for enhancement to elevate your experience and comfort.
  • Documentation Audits: Maintaining the utmost accuracy, currency, and security of your medical records.
  • Clinical Record Management Audits: Adherence to the highest standards of data integrity and privacy.
  • Environmental Hygiene Audits: Upholding impeccable cleanliness and hygiene standards for your comfort, safety and well-being.
  • Patient and Carers Surveys: Continuously seeking your feedback on your experiences with us.
  • Clinical Processes Reviews: Ensuring that our medical procedures continue to meet and exceed best practice.

Learn more​

To learn more about our ongoing consumer focused quality activities at Sutherland Heart Clinic, please contact our Quality Program Coordinator on tel: (02) 9540 8555 or email:

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